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Falconry ( Hunting with birds of prey)

“Falconry”, and “hunting with birds of prey” are all synonyms for an activity that UNESCO listed in 2010 Within the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The statement issued on this occasion that “it is a social tradition promoting respect for nature and the environment, transmitted from generation to generation through formal and informal means, and providing its communities with a sense of belonging, pride, continuity and identity”







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Falconry  in Algeria

Falconry in Algeria stems from the depth of history. It was a source of livelihood as well as of entertainment. The ancient falconers were creative in this field and they had their own methods of breeding, hunting and preserving falcons. This heritage passed down from generation to generation until it reached us.

Falconry  in Djelfa

The tribe of Ouled Nail, which settled in the steppe of Djelfa, in the center of Algeria,is well known for this heritage and had an innovation in this field. This attracted the attention of some French generals who had works in the nineteenth century about falconry, Including General Marguerite in 1869.

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Very old video of the Algerian falconry that was filmed in 1909 in a place

called Hajer Elmelh “Salt stone”  in Ain Maabed in the province of Djelfa

This heritage has not ceased to exist despite the fact that many people have given it up because of the changes in the way of living and because of the legislation that tightened the grip on the falconers; regardless of the region’s privacy, and also the privacy of this heritage which constitutes an important part of this community’s identity. Thus, there emerged the need for establishing Djelfa Falconers Association to protect the region’s falconry heritage by providing a legal environment for the falconer that would protect the falcons and the environment at the same time.صقارة-الجزائر.jpgصقار-الجزائر.jpgصقارة-الجزائر-2.jpgبيازة-الجزائر.jpgصقار-الجزائر-2.jpgبيازي-الجزائر.jpg

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