Algerian falconry بيازرة و صقارة الجزائر Algerian falconers – Fauconniers d'Algérie

The main goals of our association


The association's objectives are summarized in accordance with the basic law approved during the Constituent General Assembly held on: 24/05/2017 The following:

  • Revitalizing the local cultural heritage of falconry (hunting with birds of prey);
  • Organizing the falconery in accordance with the legislative in force in Algeria;
  • Strive and contribute in everything that would protect the birds of prey and to preserve and multiply them;
  • The association's cooperation with the institutions, bodies and organizations concerned with the birds of prey;
  • Sensitization and contribute to the establishment of suitable places and centers for the breeding, treatment, taming and rehabilitation of birds of prey;
  • Contribution and *  Investing the falconry cultural heritage of the area in coordination with the competent authorities in bringing and developing heritage tourism and tourism hunting.



Committees of our Association

• Committee for Information and Communication

• Committee for the Regulation and Development of Falconry

• Committee for the Revival of the Falconry heritage

• Committee for the protection, preservation and reproduction of raptors

• Committee for Scientific Research and Publications in the field of falconry and raptors

• Committee of Events, Activities and Competitions

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